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Ruby Wine

Chișinău, Moldova 4th of April 2020




International Speakers




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Our Speakers

Hanover, Germany

Nick Sutterer

Creator of Trailblazer

Kyiv, Ukraine

Alexey Vasyliev

Web and Mobile Developer at Railsware

Chisinau, Moldova

Maxim Tkachenko

Web Lead developer at Salt Edge

Kharkiv, Ukraine

Tetiana Chupryna

Backend engineer at GitLab

Ely, UK

Frederick Cheung

CTO at Dressipi

Yekaterinburg, Russia

Dmitry Salahutdinov

Lead Ruby backend developer at Amplifr

Hamirpur, India

Udit Gulati

Student at IIIT Una

Chisinau, Moldova

Vladislav Lebedev

Uptime Lead at Mixbook


Ruby Wine is a one-day event focused on Ruby language, framework, and tools. The conference will host outstanding talks from interesting people. Join us for a pleasant networking wine session in a friendly atmosphere. Note: The conference will be held entirely in English.

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About us

Being first of its kind in Moldova, Ruby Wine is intended to promote Ruby programming language among country and fortify existing Ruby community. It will bring together IT professionals for knowledge sharing and let them explore new insights of Ruby's possibilities. This event is a perfect mix of top-notch talks by talented Ruby developers and amazing Moldovan atmosphere.


Everything started from a question about how can we grow our developer community and bring new interesting people to the team and to the Ruby development. Back in 2015 we thought we need to make something "BIG", something that will bring interest both to Moldova and will help us grow the local Ruby Community. We decide to throw a "BIG" Ruby celebration as an International Conference of Ruby with Wine. This way the idea of Ruby Wine appeared.

Vladimir Pintea

Ruby Wine idea co-founder

Although Ruby Meditation was created in Ukraine, our Ruby conferences were always visited by developers from different cities and countries. So that is how we met our friends in Moldova. We were extremely happy when they came to Ruby Meditation #23 in Odessa in September 2018 and invited us to organize first big Ruby conf in Chisinau. Seeing how our Ukrainian community has grown within the years we held the events, we are inspired to share all our experience to give a fresh start for Moldovan conferences and celebrate Ruby :)

Ruby Meditation

Ruby Wine co-organizer

I’m really excited that a Ruby Meditation event finally will be held in Moldova. Previous conferences that took place in Ukraine proved to be as well-organized and compelling as exciting to attend to. Thus, the expectations of the upcoming event are certainly high, but so are the level of preparation and the dedication of all the parts involved in the process. It will be a great opportunity for our local Ruby community to meet at one place with everybody who’s in to have fun while diving into the truly fascinating world of Ruby, and Moldovan wine!

Liliana Galkin

Ruby Wine participant

Sponsors & Partners

Ruby Wine would not exist without the support from these incredible companies. Thanks a lot for supporting our conference and the Ruby community as a whole!

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